A winter baby – born in Indiana in December as Jeanne Hope Cecile Yingst.

The only daughter born to Henry Zack Yingst and Modine Marie (Griffin) Yingst,  both of Arkansas. Four brothers – 2 older (Gene and Cecil) and 2 younger (Zack and Sandy).

Attended Claypool Elementary School, Selma Middle School, Wapahani High School (’71 to ’73) and graduated from Madison Heights High School in 1974.

Took piano lessons as a child, but preferred playing by ear. Taught myself to play accordion and organ. Met my husband-to-be at a graduation party, he was the sax player in the band hired as entertainment for the party.

Took flying lessons and flew solo for the first time on my 16th birthday.

Married in 1973, at age 17 (John was 21).  Jonathon was born in 1976.  Nic was born 2 1/2 years later.  We also adopted our 12-year-old niece, Lynn, who lived with us until she was 18.

Our sons grew up to be touring musicians in a variety of bands, the most well known: Brazil. Both are college graduates and they’ve since settled into the 9 to 5 work routine. Jonathon works in book publishing in Indianapolis and Nicholas is a sales manager for a Japanese company called Mirwec, and is currently in job training for a year in Japan.

John and I have played in a variety of bands for the past 36 years. We have played with The Atlanta Music Hall Band since 1987.

I retired early to take care of our grandson during the day while his parents work.  After retirement, I began working part time as a musician and a writer.  Life just keeps getting better.

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