The Mother of Mediocrity

On a mediocrity scale of one to ten, in practically any given area, I would say I am a solid eight.

“Jack of all trades, master of none,” fits me to a T.  Which is fine, until I apply for a job.

I have a natural affinity and feel particularly gifted in many areas. I would be a great counselor.  I’m able to see more than one side of an issue; life experience has given me the ability to empathize rather than just sympathize, I’m a great listener, and people are comfortable sharing their personal struggles with me.  This has endeared me to many friends and acquaintances, but to turn this gift into a profession would require a degree.

This is why I regret dropping out of college. A degree wouldn’t guarantee that I was more than mediocre in my chosen field, but in the eyes of an employer, a degree says that I put in the money and effort.

I understand this. I would probably make a fine brain surgeon as well, but I’m guessing that requires at least a certificate, and, although no one would knowingly consent to a mediocre surgeon performing surgery on their brain, I would venture to guess that a few have.

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