I’m In Love

OXO Pop Containers. One cabinet done.

OXO Pop Containers. One cabinet done.


Have you ever been in love … with an idea?  For example, I am in love with the idea of being organized. The execution of it is a whole nuther story.

For the sake of organization I have bought baskets, boxes, labels, label makers, folders, file holders, containers, you name it. Unfortunately, bringing these things into my home creates temporary disorganization, chaos, confusion and a ton of anxiety.

I can’t blame Pinterest for my organizational bent. Fact is, I was in love with the idea of organization before the creator of Pinterest was even born.  Being in love with the idea of something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually good at it, although I have gotten better at it over the years.  I’ve built more rooms, put in more shelving and cubbies, bought more containers, and things are generally looking more organized.  John likes to say that I have become so organized that now I’m buying containers for the containers.

When I begin an organization project in a room or space, it starts with total chaos and it always feels like I’m doing it wrong. If I were doing it right, it surely wouldn’t be this difficult and time consuming. You have to be a mathematician to figure out how much space you need for storing each type of item. You have to be a design engineer to configure the spaces. You have to be a home décor specialist to make it pleasing to the eye. I am none of the above, and when I’m done with a project I always feel that I should have done it differently, meaning BETTER, and if I were smarter I could have done it right the first time, and in a much more organized fashion.

I like to begin with a clean slate, which means clearing the area of year’s worth of collected trash and treasures. When the area is clear, I look forward into an empty space full of hope. I look backward into STUFF … heaps and piles of confusion. At that moment, I wonder if this is the feeling a dyslexic gets when trying to transform confusion into order. It can be overwhelming.

I now have a number of successful home organization projects under my belt, things are looking great, but not without a lot of sweat and anxiety, which brings me to the excuse for my second love … PROCRASTINATION.

More on that subject, when I get around to it.

4 Responses

  1. I am shocked, SHOCKED to learn I am being cheated on: I, too, am in love with The Idea of Being Organized.

    So we are clear, Madam, you are the other woman. And, I will have you know that The Idea and I have been together — in our dysfunctional, yet steadfastly committed relationship — going on 9 years this September…

    • LoL … to make matters worse, I’m guessing that I am the older woman … the cougar … if you will, of Loving the Idea. Forty years of loving means a lot of container upgrades, a lot of Tupperware castoffs, a lot of space rejuvenation and facelifts. Competing with the more youthful and energetic takes a lot out of a person. Thanks for making me laugh.

  2. I feel like I was reading about myself! I hate cleaning, but I love organizing. Nothing makes me happier than a day to myself to clean out my filing cabinet or rearrange my kitchen cabinets. Yet, I often procrastinate too!

    My friend joked the other day that when she was at the Container Store, she thought of me. I have never even tempted myself to go there because I can’t imagine the amount of money I would spend 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting. I recently saw a post on Pinterest of a woman who made drawer organizers out of cereal boxes. I love Pinterest, but it can sure make me feel inadequate at times!

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