Life Goes On

I took a 3-year blogging hiatus starting in 2009.  My husband was fighting stage-3 colon cancer. The diagnosis zapped any creativity or imagination I thought I had up to that point.  I still wrote professionally. Interviewing other people and writing about their lives was a welcome distraction from the emotional roller coaster I found myself on.

John fought the cancer battle and won … we won.  Our lives would go on, things would be sweet again. And they are. We are so blessed.

It has taken me a while to want to blog again.  After all, our lives are like Seinfeld episodes, just day-to-day happenings with spikes of excitement and drama here and there. I have nothing specific to write about … yet.  Maybe that will evolve over time. Whether it’s interesting enough for others to read remains to be seen. Right now, I’m just happy to have a creative outlet.

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